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October 19th, The Day We Should Celebrate the Birth of America

When Thomas Jefferson penned a statement of grievances by the American colonists in July of 1776, he created one of the most important documents in human history. Known as the Declaration of Independence, the document also signaled America’s break from British rule and for the first time in history, the establishment of a government that derives its power from the people.


Since the Declaration of Independence was signed on July 4, 1776, that is the date modern Americans celebrate as the birth of the United States of America. But, history tells that without the sword of General George Washington, the pen of Thomas Jefferson would be a footnote in a British history book.


After the American colonies announced their intention to break with British rule, it took over eight years for the Colonial army to finally secure independence through the force of arms. During that time, there were countless instances when the possibility of an independent America was considered highly unlikely. Today, we accept the inevitable success of the Revolutionary War because we know the outcome.


At the time, things were much less certain, and the American experiment in self-governance was considered a long-shot.


It wasn’t until George Washington accepted the surrender of British General Cornwallis at Yorktown that the British will to continue the war was finally broken. That means October 19, 1781 is the true date of American Independence. In America today, however, the earth shattering events that took place on that day go largely unnoticed.


Instead of being another day on the calendar, the American people should celebrate October 19 and the memory of Washington’s stirring victory.


When Lord Cornwallis surrendered, it also symbolized the change of the American people from living as subjects, to living as citizens. A change that was impossible until the Founding Fathers decided to back the words of Thomas Jefferson with a military dedicated to the cause of liberty.


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The Terrifying yet True Harold Fish Story

The prosecution of Harold Fish reignited the debate over self-defense laws in America. For those not familiar with the story, Mr. Fish was convicted in Coconino County, Arizona of 2nd degree murder despite staying on site and rendering aid after being forced to shoot a violent attacker.


Had Mr. Fish fled, the remote area where the shooting took place meant he was unlikely to be identified.


Despite the opinion of the deputy that processed the crime scene and a mountain of evidence that proved Mr. Fish acted in self-defense, Coconino County authorities bowed to political pressure and pursued a baseless murder charge. When the judge excluded relevant evidence during the subsequent trial, it left the defense at a disadvantage and led to a guilty verdict.


Thankfully, Mr. Fish won his appeal and is currently a free man. His story, however, shows how laws in America put law-abiding citizens at a disadvantage when forced to use self-defense.


Buckeye Firearms Association attorney Ken Hanson constantly reminds citizens to wait for legal representation before talking to police after a self-defense shooting. Yet most honest citizens think they are innocent, so it can’t do any harm.


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Using Tax Policy as a Social Billie-Club Will Guarantee American Insolvency

The debt ceiling fiasco is yet another reminder of how far America has fallen since the rise of the modern leftist movement. Once again, our leaders in Washington refused to look for a permanent solution to a problem that will destroy the American dream for future generations, and instead are posturing while the country marches towards insolvency.


As part of the leftist spin on the debt crisis, Senator John Kerry (D-MA) blamed the downgrade of America’s debt rating on the liberty movement. Yet another case of the liberal intelligentsia causing a crisis and then blaming it on conservatives.


To be fair, the American people are also to blame by continually electing hapless fools, like the aforementioned Kerry, to lead our country, and by refusing to accept short term pain to assure long term solvency.


So, without question there is plenty of blame to go around.


Still, the 1960’s liberal movement deserves most of the blame. They not only regulated the American economy into a quasi-socialist quagmire, but also destroyed our educational system by taking away achievement as the basis of scholastic success. The 1960’s liberal movement is also using their foothold among the media elite to vilify the liberty movement demands to return America to the land of promise created by the Founding Fathers.


The attempt of the leftist elite to blame the current debt crisis on the Tea Party movement glosses over the fact that the death of American financial solvency began with the policies of President Franklin Roosevelt during the 1930’s, and then was accelerated by President Lyndon Johnson’s New Deal programs of the 1960’s.


In essence, the leftist elite forced America into insolvency and are claiming the groups calling for an end to reckless spending are to blame.


By making the claim that liberty groups are responsible for the downgrade of America’s credit rating, the left is once again proving how out of touch they remain. Only a fool could believe that a demand for fiscal responsibility, not the runaway spending pushed by the liberal elite, created doubt about America’s ability to honor its debts.


Considering that people of Kerry’s ilk blame guns for the actions of criminals, we shouldn’t be shocked by their attempt to deflect blame for the debt crisis.


It was billion dollar stimulus programs, the rise of the welfare state and run away deficit spending, not a sputtering economy that created the current financial disaster. However, John Kerry and his leftist cronies probably believe their perspective on the debt crisis. Just as they believe that other failed leftist polices like gun-control will work if they are allowed to govern without opposition.


The left also paints anyone that supports a literal interpretation of the United States Constitution as unenlightened, and unwilling to adapt to the modern world. A viewpoint that fails to recognize the timeless brilliance of the document, and the strict limitation it put on the federal government.


Since the checks and balances built into the Constitution were limiting the ability of the modern liberal movement to create the type of social change they wanted, they used activist federal judges to do the dirty work. A complicit mainstream media was also enlisted to sway the American people, and portray liberty minded Americans as bitterly clinging to their guns, religion and antiquated traditional values.


According to the left, the government is the perfect medium for pushing their progressive policies and anyone that opposes their enlightened plan for America’s future is driven by hate. Part of the plan also includes portraying traditional values as crazed ravings from America’s backwaters.


All the spin can’t hide the fact that the American experiment is failing because the left continues to use the federal government’s power to tax as a social and financial billie-club.


It was the desire to get away from a similar billie-club wielded by an English tyrant that drove the Founding Fathers into revolution. A fact that isn’t fully understood by the leftist elite in America today because they think using the power of government to dictate social policy will work.


However, history tells us when people are free to pursue economic and social independence the human race progresses. Otherwise, there is stagnation, which leads to all of the scourges of humankind – war, genocide and tyranny.


History also tells us the tyrant is convinced of his own righteousness, and claims a right to rule. Just as the liberal elite in America today is convinced they have a right to rule the great unwashed masses. After all, we are told laws that infringe on our inalienable rights are for our own good.


Social security was created to protect people from their own recklessness, and the left wants to ban guns because they believe the average citizen is incapable of handling such a huge responsibility.


People like John Kerry will never learn that the best government is a limited government, so the only way to return America to a land of liberty is to vote him, and his leftist allies, out of office. That includes limiting President Barack Obama to one-term, and returning someone with traditional conservative values to the presidency.


Unless that happens, American insolvency is assured.


(Gerard Valentino is the author of The Valentino Chronicles – Observations of a Middle Class Conservative, a co-founder of Buckeye Firearms Association, BuckeyeFirearms.org and a former military intelligence analyst)

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Disarming Soldiers – A Fool’s Gamble

Since 9/11, the American people rediscovered the value of the United States military and were reminded of the sacrifices made by military families. The fact that our soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines accept the risk of death willingly is a testament to the American spirit. Their willingness to die in the name of liberty is also a living reminder of the same risk our Founding Fathers accepted when they decided to break from England.


The Founding Fathers understood that living free required constant vigilance and often meant people had to die in defense of the American experiment. Such a viewpoint made the 2nd Amendment an irreplaceable part of America’s founding principles.


Sadly, we live in a society that is willing to throw away 2nd Amendment rights based on the government’s promise of security.


Ironically, even the citizens we send off to war are disarmed when they return from overseas duty. A policy that army psychiatrist Nidal Hasan exploited when he killed 13 soldiers during a terrorist attack at Ft. Hood, Texas. Nidal knew his intended victims were unarmed, and used that fact to assure a high death toll.


In the aftermath of Hasan’s terrorist attack, the American people were outraged and demanded that military leaders take action to protect our military service members. To that end, the military leaders at Ft. Hood, and at other military installations, tried to further restrict the 2nd Amendment rights of active duty soldiers.


In essence, our military leadership’s plan to keep our soldiers safe was to expand the disarmament policy and create more places that terrorists can attack without fear of resistance by an armed victim. They ignored the fact that Hasan’s chain of command failed to act on his overt anti-American ideology, and that 13 soldiers died because of the Army’s anti-gun policies.


Instead, like so many elected officials in America today, the Army blamed the gun for the murderous actions of a coward.
By expanding disarmament policies and leaving our soldiers at the whim of armed thugs, the Army was setting the stage for another successful terrorist attack – and that attack nearly happened.
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Somewhere in America there is a Celebration with an Empty Chair

Sitting with your family and enjoying a traditional American Independence Day cook-out is not only a time to celebrate, but also a time to remember how much has changed since 9/11. It is also a time to remember that countless American families have an empty place at their holiday table.


The empty place symbolizes a family member sent off to war without ever returning home.


In past wars, the entire population mobilized and tight knit neighborhoods sent their young men and women off together, and they all experienced the pain when someone was lost.


The close friendships forged at a time when Americans were more sedentary also meant the entire neighborhood celebrated when the kids came of age. So, as the other neighborhood kids got married and started a family, the parents of the son lost at war attended the celebration, and were a constant reminder to everyone of the cost of defending liberty.


It is almost as if the parents of the child lost at war had an empty chair next to them at celebrations, and the entire neighborhood could see it.


The breakdown of America’s neighborhoods, and the relatively small number of families affected by the War on Terror mute the effect of the current war on Main St., USA. Even wall to wall media coverage can’t make up for the the lack of a human connection to the families that are torn apart.


The simple truth is for the first time in history, the entire population hasn’t mobilized for a war that is being fought to thwart a serious threat facing America. All the care packages and well wishes can’t make-up for that fact.


That leaves the majority of Americans unable to understand the true cost of freedom.


What it costs to live free is not symbolized by a soldier that survived enjoying a family cook-out with his granddaughter. But instead is driven home by the family that never gets to see their son, daughter, cousin, nephew or granddaughter do the same.


Only an empty place at the table can represent how much people give in the defense of liberty.


Today, as you enjoy the hamburgers and hot dogs in the company of your loved ones, the table is most likely full.


So, if you really want to understand the cost of liberty, freedom and the American way of life, look at the young men or women in your family and imagine if one was no longer there. Then, imagine if instead of having another baby in the family, the young mother or father went off to war and never made it home.


No matter how bad that seems it is still only a creation of your imagination.


Somewhere, however, the loss is real and being experienced by a family that gave the ultimate sacrifice so we can live free.

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